"Every search begins with the thorough definition of the position and the creation of a Position Description"

Welcome to The Weldon Group

The Weldon Group is a retained search firm specializing in the recruitment of senior level professionals for corporate and consulting clients.

We have completed searches for corporate information services departments from the Vice President and Director levels to group head and mid levels with specific experience in product categories, data collection and analysis, and work experience in all aspects of corporate business.

For consulting firms we have completed searches from Presidents through Group Head levels with expertise and experience in most categories, from consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, automotive through industrial and construction, and for specialists in modeling, quantitative design and analysis, and in the applications of advanced analytical methods.

Every search begins with the thorough definition of the position and the creation of a Position Description. A list of targeted companies is created and potential candidates are identified in a thorough identification and recruitment process. A selection of candidates is interviewed by the client organization, selecting the candidate who is the best fit. This thorough process allows the client company to select a candidate that will be successful in the position and the company.

We have worked for a spectrum of corporate and consulting clients, have built entire departments or functions and, in a few cases, created entire companies.

Our depth of understanding the business and our pride in serving the industry have given us a long and successful track record. We hope that we will be able to serve you as well.

Gayle Parker, Managing Partner

Gayle ParkerGayle Parker has more than 30 years of both executive search and corporate management experience. A specialist in the quantitative services to Marketing, she founded The Weldon Group in 2005. She has successfully completed searches in marketing research, marketing modeling, sales promotion and other functions in marketing services. In 2007, she joined Aegis Consulting as a Director and in 2009 re-established The Weldon Group. Previously, she was a Partner at Trebor, Weldon, Lawrence and Vice President with Judd Falk. Ms. Parker has extensive corporate experience in research and planning with Xerox Corporation where she was a Strategic Planner and with AT&T as Senior Manager for Research. She has worked on numerous new technologies including color xerography and cellular telephony. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.